Solo Property

“For years I relied on organic growth and referrals to build my business.   When I decided to take a more proactive approach, I realised that I lacked the knowledge to promote our services effectively.  Time was a precious commodity, my budget was limited and I needed help.

SmallFish drilled down into the nuts and bolts of what I was trying to achieve.  They created and helped implement a marketing solution for a very affordable fee.  Their campaign increased awareness and immediately drew in new business.  We increased our market share at the expense of our competitors.  Everyone complimented us on our refreshing new image and more importantly, our turnover increased by 25%, which is incredible given the current climate.

I would have no hesitation in recommending SmallFish to other small business owners.  It is difficult enough to establish and build a business.  Many of us try to be jack-of-all-trades but very few of us manage to be master of all as well.  We must recognise when it is time to call in an expert.”

Oliver Hale, Managing Director

Crew Recruitment

“I have recently engaged Imogen Mergler to handle the marketing and copy for my website.  Despite having a communications background myself, I found Imogen challenged my thinking throughout the process.  She came up with clear insights, well thought through concepts and concise copy that reflected my company, approach and market objectives.  She was extremely efficient in terms of delivery too.

It became an easy, collaborative process with a marketing ‘partner’ for me, as opposed to a burden prior to her involvement.  I cannot recommend Imogen highly enough and hope this is the beginning of an ongoing relationship.”

Barbara Riordan, Managing Director

Kerry Taylor

“Imogen has done an amazing marketing plan for me.  It’s thorough, intelligently thought out and has given me the confidence to launch my own business.  I’m so glad she’s been involved at every step of this journey.

I particularly love the fact that Imogen is so enthusiastic and supportive about my specialist area.  She listened very carefully to my ideas and helped me think it all through.  Thank you, Imogen!”

Kerry Taylor

Ground Crew

“I highly recommend Imogen. Having worked together for several years on challenging, high profile and time sensitive projects, Imogen has continually demonstrated a professional, focussed approach, balanced with creativity and passion.

Keenly aware of challenging budget constraints, Imogen can be appropriately flexible whilst recognising both client and agency ambitions, ensuring precise, detailed briefs and expertly managed deadlines.

A brand innovator and challenger, Imogen will ensure any project works at every level… and does so with a smile.”

 Jeremy Fletcher, Account Director


“With Imogen, it’s not a case of marketing for marketing’s sake – she’s commercially minded and gets serious results.  Imogen has this amazing ability to relate to all types of retailer, from small salons to leading department stores.  She totally understands their needs and applies her marketing knowledge to meet those needs.

Imogen is down to earth and great to work with.  She’s passionate about what she does – totally inspirational!”

Rebecca Stuckey, National Sales Development Manager 

Body Happy

“Imogen has been the most inspiring person to work with. She took on board my business idea and worked with me to ensure it was portrayed to clients in the best way possible. She was refreshing and motivational in her approach. Her dedication, drive and professionalism have been breathtaking.”

Lisa Shaw, Owner & Head Trainer


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