How can marketing help your business?

Times are tough. The current political and economic climate is putting a real strain on many businesses. Emerging technologies and new media create fresh opportunities but also pose new challenges. As the marketplace evolves, customers are becoming increasingly fickle.

It is not enough to offer good products and services. If you push your product and disregard customers’ needs, you will lose them. Customers have personal preferences too. If you target these preferences, they will come back time and again, even bringing their friends.


  • Gives you the confidence to focus on your customers. It helps you identify and anticipate their needs and wants.
  • Helps you add value to your products and services, creating appeal.
  • Gives you direction, showing you how to promote from the best angle.
  • Offers you long term growth by fostering customer relationships.
  • Establishes a brand image and builds your reputation.
  • Helps you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Helps you achieve your goals whatever they may be.
 Marketing Services

What type of business are you?

  • You may be a start-up with huge potential wanting to maximize your return on investment.
  • You may be well established but need a fresh perspective or help with a one-off project.
  • You may be looking for a complete overhaul to turn your business around.
  • You may not be interested in revenue growth at all.  Public sector and not-for-profit organisations need marketing too.
  • You may be an agency with a client who wants the full package.  We are an extra resource you can call on as and when you need us.

Whoever you are, marketing affects everything you do.  For example, you may think that your business needs a website.  However, a website alone will not solve your problems.  Your web strategy must form part of your marketing strategy.  In turn, your marketing strategy must reflect your overall business strategy.  Nothing exists in isolation.  Integrating marketing is key to your success.

Whatever your objective, let us help you achieve it.  SmallFish Marketing offers strategic advice and affordable solutions.

Is it time to make a splash?



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