Why choose SmallFish?


  • We are focused on getting results.  We can boost your sales with compelling, customer-focused copy.
  • We have a genuine passion and flair for language.  You have better things to do than stare at a blank page, waiting for inspiration.
  • We have 15 years marketing experience with big label brands.  True marketing insight is essential if your message is to connect with your target audience.
  • We take time to understand you and your business.  We consider your brand tone of voice and value proposition before putting pen to paper.
  • We understand small businesses and the need to keep costs to a minimum.  We offer fixed price quotes.
  • We can provide other marketing services.  Continuity improves your credibility and increases your customer following.
  • We have a reputation for being professional and dedicated. We do our utmost to deliver on time and according to your specifications.
  • We are friendly and unpretentious. We manage to balance creativity with efficiency, priding ourselves on our attention to detail.

How we work

  • Before we start on your copy, we get to know your business.
  • We ask you for background information and may request a meeting with relevant staff.
  • Once we understand your copy needs, we provide a quote and agree on a deadline.
  • We ask you a series of questions about the message you want to get across, your target audience etc.
  • We examine your competitors and how you differ from them.
  • We discuss your brand image to determine the right style and tone of voice.
  • We consider your design format to ensure your copy makes the biggest impact.
  • We then provide you with an initial draft.  You provide us with feedback.  We make changes and the copy is finalised.
  • We can edit and refresh copy as well as write from scratch.
  • We do not charge to quote and you are under no obligation to proceed.
  • We can work remotely via telephone, email or Skype, so location is not an issue.

What message do you need to get across?



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